GT Promo 3

Worship is our whole person response – heart, soul, mind, and strength to the gospel of Jesus. Therefore, the gospel is always at the center. As the gathered church, worship is manifested as the people of God, in the presence of God, singing the praises of God. A worship leader’s role is to lead the congregation, led by the Spirit, and with the scriptures as the basis and kindling for worship, to greater recognition and adoration of Jesus. As the church responds to the preaching of God’s word, we live out our worship in our everyday contexts through obedience and mission.

Below are some shaping values I have come to hold over my years of life and ministry.

  • The gospel of Jesus is central to life. One needs to look no further than the cross to understand God’s love.
  • Grace made known through tenderness and compassion is a powerful life transforming agent.
  • As a pastor, my first ministry is to my family.
  • The scriptures are not just useful information, but how we hear and discern the voice of God.
  • Loving and serving people is the focal point of ministry.
  • Patience and perseverance are key qualities to discipleship.
  • Excellence matters.
  • Honesty is valuable because it’s a marker of humility.
  • There are few things more moving to my soul than seeing people be transformed by the loving presence of God. I return to that often when I think of my life’s purpose.